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A Journal For Your Truth

A Journal For Your Truth

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Ready to tell on yourself? This  journal, specifically created for your truth, is the perfect tool to do just that.

My invitation is to use this journal as a place to input every detail of what is true for you. Most of us are not 100% honest in every aspect of our lives. Even if you consider yourself a fairly truthful person, there are usually little corners where one could have been more transparent.

Maybe it was when you said yes but you really meant no. Maybe it was when you stayed longer in a relationship then was good for you.

Maybe it was when you withheld your desires, or quieted yourself when you really wanted to speak up. Maybe it was when you told a little white lie to get out of something you didn't want to do. And maybe it was when you promised you would do something, and then didn't.

I want you to write it here, ok? Even if it’s one sentence. Tell on yourself, let it out of your body. Some days you can ponder an alternative way that you could have handled a situation, and others you might just need to let it out and don’t have the answer just yet. Whatever you do, tell the truth in here. Give that to yourself. This is your journey and this is you guiding yourself, because you are the medicine.

.: Full wraparound print
.: 150 lined pages (75 sheets)
.: Matte finish
.: Casewrap binding

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